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IMPORTANT COVID-19 Coronavirus UPDATE for our patients:

Chatswood Dental Care is operational and is readily placed to handle the evolving COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation. Due to our high standards of Infection Control, none of our patients need be concerned that access to urgent dental care has been curtailed. Chatswood Dental Care is available to help you with your urgent dental care issues in a safe, sterile environment.


Comprehensive new patient examination

Your first visit to Chatswood Dental Care as a new patient will entail a comprehensive examination and 2 xrays so Dr Hart can develop an individual treatment plan and includes:
  • Medical and dental history identifying relevant allergies, medications and risk factors as well as any special needs or concerns
  • Full-mouth charting of existing tooth fillings and any new decay
  • Assessment of your existing gum condition and tooth support
  • Oral health cancer check
  • Bite analysis to review your tooth wear and any TM Joint problems.
  • 2 small digital x-rays essential for early identification of hidden decay
  • Panoramic x-ray (no cost) to view wisdom teeth and infections
  • Cosmetic assessment (if required) of crooked, discoloured teeth or gaps
  • Digital photos and study models where necessary
  • Scale and clean with home care preventive information
  • Treatment plan options
Digital X-rays

At Chatswood Dental Care we use advanced digital radiograph techniques to enhance image quality and minimise dosage. We recommend 2 small radiographs that image most of the back teeth be taken 3 yearly.
  1. A digital panoramic radiograph (no cost) is recommended for new patients to view surrounding jaw bones for infections.
  2. In some cases a Cone Beam CT scan may be required to view wisdom tooth impactions or aid in implant diagnosis. This scan allows a diagnostic 3D view and is one-tenth the dosage of a medical CT.

These are essential to identify small hidden tooth decay and are equivalent to the dosage anyone would receive from four hours of jet travel.

Anxious patient programme
Most patients have differing levels of anxiety ranging from low to full dental phobia. This is why we take special care to identify anxious new patients and modify our procedures appropriately. Dr Hart specialises in providing thoughtful, gentle care that enables anxious patients to progress to a regular preventive dental programme with new confidence. For patients who maintain some anxiety we can also offer nitrous oxide or oral sedation.

Special care dentistry
Dr Hart is a preferred dentist for a number of local nursing homes and disability services. He has a calm and caring manner and, together with all the staff at Chatswood Dental Care, aims to make all patient visits as relaxing and stress free as possible.
An elevator provides easy access to Dr Hart’s surgery. Dr Hart also treats many patients who are war veterans under the Veterans Affairs Scheme.

Preventive oral care and gum treatment

As we all know, “prevention is better than cure”. Regular examinations and cleaning at Chatswood Dental Care will give you piece of mind and keep your mouth and gums fresh and healthy for life. Each patient’s dental condition varies so Dr Hart will develop an individual home care programme so you can maintain a fresh mouth between professional cleaning appointments.

For most patients we recommend examination and cleaning every 6 months to maintain optimum oral health.

Every two to three years x-rays may also be required to identify hidden problems. Early identification and treatment of decay when it is still minor means more conservative restorations – a definite benefit!

Oral hygiene strategies

Taking good care of your teeth is the key to preventing dental problems. Regular dental hygiene practices such as effective brushing twice daily and nightly flossing as well as avoidance of refined sugar additives in foods that encourage decay are steps in the right direction. These habits should be supplemented by regular 'maintenance' visits to Dr Hart for examination and removal of plaque, calculus and stains. Your teeth will feel great and you will have a fresher breath.

Bad breath solutions

We can also help with a common social problem that may affect your confidence such as bad breath or that odd taste in your mouth. Often you may not be aware of this issue until told by your partner or friend. Irregular dental visits, dietary issues, general lifestyle, medical conditions and some medications may all play a role in causing this situation but Dr Hart can help you control it by designing an oral care programme for you.

Emergency pain relief

Our staff will be pleased to offer you the first available appointment and even though no regular times may be available, Christine can often arrange an urgent appointment to relieve unbearable pain or place a temporary filling over that sharp broken tooth. We understand how important it is to relieve your pain and discomfort quickly.

Root canal therapy

This involves the cleaning and sealing of diseased nerve canals and has a high rate of success in protecting teeth from bacteria that may cause infection and an abscess formation. Dr Hart uses the latest techniques and effective local anaesthesia to make the procedure both effective and painless. Such endodontic treatment and subsequent restorations may require 2–3 appointments (often a large core filling is placed over the root treatment).

Dr Hart is a member of The Australian Endodontic Society and has extensive experience in the latest endodontic procedures.

Root canal FAQs.

Crown and bridge treatment
A root-treated tooth is more brittle due to less tooth structure so a protective crown is often recommended to avoid catastrophic fractures of the tooth. Dr Hart will shape the large filling above the root treatment and take an impression to manufacture the crown – or the bridge which sits on more than one tooth to bridge a gap.

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials but those on front teeth need to be especially cosmetic and modern porcelains can be both strong and natural looking. Dr Hart can design for you the smile that you have always wanted.

Crown and bridge treatment photos

Nitrous oxide sedation

Some patients are particularly anxious during a procedure so we offer nitrous oxide (‘happy gas’) to relax them and make them more comfortable. Nitrous oxide is safe and wears off relatively quickly so you will be able to drive home after your procedure. It is also effectively used to treat children.
Sports Mouthguards

A poorly fitted shop-bought mouthguard offers little protection against traumatic injury and is uncomfortable to wear.

Children grow fast so a new mouthguard is needed at the start of each sports season. For those involved in high-impact sports special more rigid mouthguard designs are recommended.

Dr Hart will take individual impressions and fashion a correctly fitted, modern laminated mouthguard that is comfortable to wear and available in a range of custom colours.

Tooth extractions

We like to keep your teeth fit forever with regular preventive care.  However, despite our best efforts, an extraction may occasionally be required. Be assured that we will be as gentle and pain free as possible and your care will be our main concern at this time.

Dr Hart is skilled in modern techniques for minimally invasive extractions that preserve bone volume – most important for successful implant placement.

Dr Hart is very experienced in this often-overlooked field of dentistry and has regular referrals from local nursing facilities to fashion new partial or full dentures.

If you have loose-fitting dentures and difficulty chewing Dr Hart can also discuss your suitability for implants to secure dentures.

Tooth grinding and TMJ Syndrome

Dr Hart can diagnose and treat this often debilitating condition with symptoms which can include difficulty in opening the jaw, headaches and jaw muscle spasm. The solution may include the fashioning of a splint which can control painful symptoms.

Sleep apnoea devices

This night condition can lead to tiredness, lack of day-time concentration and other health problems. Of course the noise may also be unpleasant for your partner. We can fashion a night-time device that aids in the treatment of snoring.
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