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Your Child’s First Dental check up at Chatswood Dental Care with Dr Hart – Things to know

Your Child’s First Dental check up at Chatswood Dental Care with Dr Hart – Things to know
Approaching dental visits with a positive attitude will help your child in understanding that a dental checkup is nothing to be scared of and your child will want to come if you discuss in positive terms the first dental visit and that Dr Tim will “check that your teeth and gums are strong and healthy, and show you how to use your new toothbrush.“

At what age should my child have their first check up? We have seen children as young as 2 years with tooth decay. Bring them in with you for your check up and then they can “ go for a ride in the chair” By 4 years they will be ready for their official check up.

It will help their confidence that they accompany you for your regular visit to get used to these new surroundings and smells and that guy with the funny jacket, mask and eyewear.

We find that kids will want to hop into the chair when they realize that they can view their choice of kids shows on the ceiling TV. And of course nurse Farzeneh is very reassuring and in charge of handing out the toothbrushes and stickers which are popular.

One thing you can do is to schedule, if possible, your child’s appointment when they are fresh.

A dental visit may not be successful and the child uncooperative if they are tired and hungry at the end of a school day so scheduling a dental visit sometime in the morning when your child is fresh and calm is a good idea.

Also it is sometimes not adviseable to push children too far – life is busy but trying do too much in one appointment could initiate future dental phobias.

What if one or both parents have a dental phobia? Well transference of your phobia to your child could be an issue so choose your expressions carefully and frame your discussions on their dental check ups in a positive manner.

So emphazise the healthy benefits of regular check ups with Dr Tim at Chatswood Dental Care so their visits will start on a positive note and they will ‘remind you’ when their next dental check up is due.