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Denture Solutions

Denture Solutions

It is unfortunate that due to the progression of gum disease and decay, people today will still lose some or all of their teeth, and will need to consider the option of dentures. Sydney dentist and experienced surgeon Dr. Tim Hart at Chatswood Dental Care will always aim to save your best asset, you're teeth.

Fortunately, when teeth do need removal he has many years of experience in optimally fitting full or partial dentures.

Depending on your situation and the number of teeth missing there are many different denture designs available, and importantly a dentist with experience in this art is always a good place to start.

When you have only a few missing teeth a cast framework Partial Denture is often best, as it can be designed to accurately fit around your current teeth for stability during eating. Replacement false teeth can then be attached to the framework that match your other teeth. It’s important to match your shape and colour to existing teeth for an aesthetically pleasing result.

As the cast framework is thin yet strong many patients comment to Dr. Hart on how comfortable these are, once they are worn in.

Of course, some people prefer to not wear any partial dentures! In these cases, you can talk to Dr. Hart about whether you are suitable for dental implants and a scan will always be needed to identify if you have sufficient bone for the dental implants.

Complete dentures provide a full set of prosthetic teeth when there are none present. The success of full dentures depends on the shape and size of your remaining jaws as removal of teeth may lead to marked thinning of the jaw ridges over time. An upper full denture is designed to extend across the palate to attain enough suction to be retained during chewing. This however may be more difficult to achieve with the lower full dentures or when the upper jaw is also thin.

Today a standard solution for lower full denture retention is the use of two dental implants in the lower jaw that can click and retain the lower denture during chewing. Dr. Hart can advise and design custom Full Dentures for your situation and if desired retain them with modern dental implants.

Often dentures will need to be refitted, as the bone structures in our jaws continue to alter as we age, so dentures that fit at one time might not fit in the future. Refitting dentures can be achieved by taking a person’s old complete dentures; that they are accustomed to and taking an impression to reline the dentures to create a new closer fit.

Once you have received your dentures, it’s important that you can maintain them as advised. They should be cleaned with a toothbrush regularly following meals like you do with natural teeth. At night give your mouth a rest and use denture cleaners to help prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. If your dentures feel as if they no longer fit, or are having any kind of issues, it’s important that you seek follow up care.

While many of us may be disheartened at the prospect of tooth loss, it’s great news that a solution such as implant retained dentures exists. Whether you are in need of a partial or complete dentures Sydney practice Chatswood Dental Care leads the way.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Chatswood Dental Care if you wish to seek experienced advice concerning possible tooth replacement using Dentures or dental implants, as well as all your other dentistry needs.