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Emergency Dentist Chatswood

Emergency Dentist Chatswood

There are many instances when a dental crisis can occur. Whether you have fallen and chipped a tooth, had your teeth damaged in a sporting accident, have extreme tooth nerve pain, or any other type of dental emergency, it’s vital that you find an emergency dentist who can relieve your pain as soon as possible.

In an ideal world we would all visit a dentist on a regular basis to avoid dental issues but sometimes we may just fall out of our usual habit. Many people believe that if they don't have pain then everything is fine with their teeth and are unaware of the possible dangers that result from poor dental care. It's all too easy to avoid the responsibility for our own health especially when as young adults we cease our regular family dental visits.

Of course, there are many situations where we suffer accidental trauma with sudden tooth loss and tooth fractures being some of the most common reasons for dental emergencies. If you play any kind of impact sports, it’s important that you wear a mouthguard, as this can help avoid serious dental injury. Unfortunately, even when precautions are taken, injuries do happen, at which point you need to consult a dentist in a hurry.

At Chatswood Dental Care we can solve your search for an experienced and gentle emergency dentist. Sydney residents looking for emergency dentistry, or general dental care, are encouraged to contact our receptionist Christine who will make an appointment for you asap. We will often fit patients into Dr. Hart's schedule to get your issue resolved quickly that same day. We have extended work hours also Monday and Thursday evenings or can schedule early morning appointments. For prompt attention phone us on 02 9412 2295.

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