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Get A Better Night of Sleep with a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

Mandibular Advancement Device

Recently Channel Seven News reported on a new device called an MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that enables a better sleep as an alternative to the use of larger CPAP devices where a mask and air-pressure are used to maintain a sleepers airway.

An MAD is an upper and lower mouthguard which guides the sleepers lower jaw forward and has been shown in studies to open the sleepers airway enabling improved breathing and reduction in snoring which can be most annoying for the sleepers partner. Compromised sleep patterns have been implicated in a number of chronic medial conditions and longevity.

Firstly a diagnosis of the severity of a persons sleep apnea and snoring. A Sleep Study is required, which can be done at a sleep centre but can now also be organized in your own home. A sleep study is also required before you can qualify for a Health fund rebate for your MAD.

If an MAD is deemed suitable Dr Tim Hart at Chatswood Dental Care will take mouth impressions and fit one of the most modern MAD’s called an Oventus Device which also incorporates an added airway for easier breathing.


Sleep Apnea - A condition during sleep where the pharynx restricts causing low oxygen levels and in some cases breathing to be truncated.

CPAP - A machine with a mask that creates air pressure to maintain an open airway. Some patients are unable to tolerate a CPAP device.

MAD - Mandibular Advancement Device such as an Oventus device which advances the jaw to maintain an open airway to aid in a better nights sleep and reduce snoring.