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Looking After Your Teeth During A Lockdown

In light of the current restrictions sparked by COVID-19, many people are wondering what services they are able to access. Dentistry is still considered an essential service by the Australian Federal Government, but there have been limitations placed on what treatments are available.

Due to these restrictions, now is the perfect time to take stock of your dental hygiene and evaluate how you care for your teeth during a lockdown.

Keep up your brushing and flossing routine

Staying at home can disrupt your regular routine, but it’s important to stay on top of your daily, healthy habits. This includes everything from getting dressed into a fresh set of clothes every morning, to exercising, to remembering to brush and floss your teeth each day.

The fact that most of us are no longer getting up and traveling to work means you may need an extra reminder to complete tasks that you usually wouldn’t think twice about. If you find yourself forgetting or avoiding brushing your teeth, set yourself a reminder on your phone or leave a sticky note on your work desk to keep the habit in check.

Don’t reach for junk food

It can be easy to reach for snacks in times of stress or boredom. With the majority of the country staying at home, taking a wander to the fridge might seem like a nice way to break up the day. This is a temptation we encourage you to avoid. Snacking, particularly on junk food, might be temporarily satisfying but will have negative long-term effects on your dental health.

Instead, make sure you’re eating regular, healthy meals and drinking enough water. If you do start to feel peckish, opt for a piece of fruit or some nuts as a healthy alternative.

Limit takeaway

Another important habit to keep up is cooking healthy meals for yourself and your family. The stress of the current environment and the change in routine can make it tempting to avoid cooking and opt for takeaway instead.

Having takeaway once in a while is perfectly acceptable but making it a regular occurrence can have damaging effects on both your dental and overall health. Cooking at home allows you to see the ingredients going into your food and make an informed judgement about whether it will be beneficial to your dental health.

Being in a lockdown can also provide an opportunity to play around with some new, fun and healthy recipes that you may not have had time to try out before. Cooking can also be a great way to keep your mind active and gives you a much-needed break from the computer, TV screen or the news.

Can I still go to my dentist?

It was recently announced that from 27th April, restrictions would ease on elective surgeries and dental work. Prior to this date, the Department of Health advised that dentists were only able to stay open for emergency dental work. Please check with your dentist what services they are offering before booking an appointment.

It is also essential that you inform your dentist if you have been overseas in the last 14 days or have been feeling unwell. If you are at-risk, you may be able to receive the dental care you need in a hospital.

Chatswood Dental Care is operational and is readily placed to handle the evolving COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation. Due to our high standards of Infection Control, none of our patients need be concerned that access to urgent dental care has been curtailed. Chatswood Dental Care is available to help you with your urgent dental care issues in a safe, sterile environment.

Due to the current restrictions, it is more important than ever to maintain healthy dental care habits. If you have any questions about looking after your teeth during a lockdown or what services we are still able to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch on (02) 9412 2295.